Christopher Bradford is a Freelance Art Director & Photographer


My name is Christopher Bradford, but you can call me Bradford.

I’m an Art Director and Photographer with a strong design background. This is the part where I usually list off past clients and talk about my skills and strengths, but most people just want to know how many tattoos I have and what I look like underneath my beard (I lost count a few year ago and a giant baby).

My favourite things are making cool shit, showing people pictures of my kid, and correcting the handful of people hell bent on calling me Brad.

I’m currently looking for freelance opportunities from the comfort of my home office – a tiny room that I share with a litter box and a washing machine that seems to be perpetually stuck on the spin cycle.

Please send help. Or just hire me.




My creative journey began in England, whilst freelancing in London I had the opportunity to work with high-profile brands such as Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Sainsbury’s. I relocated to Canada’s West Coast and found work with smaller agencies, providing creative and conceptual solutions for companies such as 7-11, University of British Columbia and Vancouver Film School. Another trans-continental move me landed in Amsterdam, and whilst in my stay here I have worked with Heineken, KLM, Holland Tourism and Mondelez.