Rifflandia Y2

Once upon a time a big festival came to the small, picture-perfect city of Victoria, British Columbia. Rifflandia Music Festival made quite an impression in its inaugural year, and it’s still going strong today.

We created the festival’s brand identity and related collateral, including the introduction of what would become the festival’s annual magazine. The festival was a musical adventure unique to Victoria’s music-lovers. We wanted to play on this when developing the brand, creating not just a logo, but a visual cue that spoke to the experience.

The multi-coloured icosahedron was both powerful and impactful yet ambiguous enough to lend itself to a variety of applications. Much like the new festival it represented, it defied simple description. Carrying our inspiration of geometry throughout, we used experiential and spatial design to transport Victoria’s festival-goers somewhere they’d never been before.

Client: Rifflandia
Date: 2015-06-10
Services: Design, Art Direction


Agency: Scum Creative Labs
Creative Directiors: Brandon Velestuk & Christopher Bradford
Editor: Chris Long
Web Develoment: Orchestra