Art Direction & Photography

Umeboshi is a boutique located on Vancouver’s popular Main Street. It has come to be
known for quality goods, thoughtful customer service and a discerning selection of footwear and accessories. Focusing on independent and handcrafted wares, Umeboshi’s ideals stem from the appreciation of beautiful and functional design, as well as a great respect for craftsmanship.

We helped Umeboshi as they stepped outside their comfort zone, and into the world of e-commerce. Their online shop needed to emulate stepping into their main street boutique – a beautifully curated shop with knowledgeable and dedicated employees. We achieved this by using good photography, a clean aesthetic, designing mobile first, and building a new, intuitive backend using Drupal. As the lead creative on this project, I managed the entire process from the first discovery session to delivery.

Client: Umeboshi
Date: November 21, 2013
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website

Art Direction & Photography

Agency; Make Vancouver
Art Director: Christopher Bradford
Planner: Mary Kellough
Designer: Sabrina Franco
Account Manager: Kevin Ehman